At, we prioritize the safety and security of our users. Here are some guidelines to ensure a secure experience:

For Buyers:

Exercise Caution: Before making any payments, thoroughly check the details provided by the seller. Verify the authenticity of the bunny and ensure it aligns with your expectations.

Personal Interaction: Engage in direct communication with the seller to establish trust and gather all necessary information. This ensures transparency and helps prevent scams.

For Sellers:

Buyer Verification: If you’re offering a bunny for adoption or a temporary arrangement, verify the details of potential adopters to ensure the bunny’s well-being.

Secure Transactions: For added security, consider using our “Contact Us” feature to facilitate secure deals. We will proceed with the transaction after verifying all relevant information.


Remember, while we strive to create a safe platform, it’s crucial for both buyers and sellers to exercise diligence and communicate directly. By working together and taking necessary precautions, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on