Adorable Jersey Wooly Rabbit for Sale
  • August 11, 2023 5:23 am
  • Indiana, United States
  • Rabbits for Sale

Looking for a bundle of softness and charm to brighten up your life? Look no further! We have an adorable Jersey Wooly rabbit available for sale. This tiny ball of fluff is sure to steal your heart with its endearing looks and sweet personality.

Breed: Jersey Wooly
Gender: [Male]
Age: [6 month]

Description: Our Jersey Wooly rabbit is the epitome of cuteness, with its compact size and plush, wool-like coat that comes in a variety of delightful colors. Its adorable, round face and perky ears give it a perpetually youthful appearance that’s hard to resist.

Temperament: This Jersey Wooly rabbit is not only a visual treat but also a joy to have as a companion. Known for their friendly and gentle nature, they are perfect for cuddling and bonding. Their playful antics and inquisitive nature make them a wonderful addition to households of all kinds.

Health and Care: Rest assured, our Jersey Wooly rabbit has been lovingly cared for and well-maintained. They have received proper nutrition, regular grooming, and veterinary check-ups to ensure their well-being. You’re bringing home a happy and healthy fur friend.

Price: [100]

Don’t miss the chance to bring home this lovable Jersey Wooly rabbit. Whether you’re a seasoned rabbit enthusiast or a first-time pet owner, this charming little bunny is sure to brighten up your days. Contact us today to arrange a visit and experience the joy of having a Jersey Wooly rabbit in your life.

Contact Information: 662-810-4195


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