Altex Rabbit Urgent For Sale
  • July 26, 2023 1:32 pm
  • Australia
  • Rabbits for Sale

“Experience the enchantment of the Altex Rabbit! 🐰 Introducing our adorable 4-month-old bunny, ready to steal your heart. With their endearing playfulness and gentle nature, they are sure to become a beloved member of your family. Our cherished Altex Rabbit is well-trained, making them the perfect companion for kids and adults alike. Though they may not be medically fit, their spirit is unwavering, radiating love and joy to brighten your days. They are vaccinated to ensure their health and happiness. Embrace the cuddles and create precious memories with this lovable furball. Don’t miss the opportunity to make this sweet Altex Rabbit a cherished part of your family!”


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