American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit For Sale
  • June 5, 2023 11:26 am
  • Utah, United States
  • Rabbits for Sale
$50per month(Fixed)

For sale: American Fuzzy Lop rabbit. The American Fuzzy Lop is a small breed known for its adorable appearance and dense, wool-like fur. With their floppy ears and compact size, they make delightful companions and are great for both experienced and first-time rabbit owners. These rabbits have a gentle and friendly temperament, making them perfect for families or individuals seeking a cuddly and low-maintenance pet. If you’re looking for an affectionate and charming addition to your home, this American Fuzzy Lop could be the perfect fit. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this fluffy bundle of joy into your life!


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1931 Walton Street Salt Lake City, UT ,84111,Utah,United States

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