English Angora Baby bunny
  • June 5, 2023 5:45 am
  • Florida, United States
  • Rabbits for Sale
$45per month(Fixed)

Male baby English Angora. Beautiful fiber parents. Angoras love to sit with you and be pet. English angora provides fiber (angora wool) that is wonderful to spin and felt with. Angora rabbits require more care than other rabbits! You must brush them and maintain their coat. They are wonderful pets and very calm and loving. Rabbits are a great 4H project. These babies have been handled since their birth, are around children and a dog. Contact me about your bundle of cuddly fluff! Angora rabbits are very relaxed and calm. They love to be held and sit with you!


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87 Mechanic Avenue Miami, FL 33135,33101,Florida,United States

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