The elegance and charm of the Himalayan Rabbit for sale
  • June 3, 2023 1:09 pm
  • North Carolina, United States
  • Rabbits for Sale
$70per month(Negotiable)

The elegance and charm of the Himalayan Rabbit, an exquisite breed with captivating beauty. This delightful furry companion boasts a striking coat pattern, featuring pure white fur with distinct color points on its ears, nose, paws, and tail. With their calm and friendly nature, Himalayan Rabbits make ideal pets, providing endless joy and companionship. Known for their gentle disposition, they are wonderful for both families and individuals seeking a loving and peaceful pet. Whether you’re a seasoned rabbit enthusiast or a first-time owner, the Himalayan Rabbit will enchant you with its grace and become a cherished member of your household.


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16 Rockwell Lane Elizabeth City, NC ,27909,North Carolina,United States

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